Frog Hollow Folly?

Hughs Wordquilts

100_2298Frog Hollow? Where’s that?

It’s a sort of isolated place, up in the mountains, in Limestone County.  Life is a little different there with no stores, post office, or cable TV.  Some families still keep a milk cow and chickens.  Hog butchering in the fall is still a big event.  Miz Mazzie presses a batch of apple cider each fall.  A few family garden plots still yield harvests producing stores of home-canned vegetables.  These days there aren’t many children around.  Most young families have moved elsewhere to find work.  

People in Frog Hollow have deep, sacred roots in their community…generations deep.  Many live out their days in the same house where they were born.  They share a long history of self-sufficiency.  When somebody has a problem, they rally to find a solution.  If something, or someone, threatens one of them, it’s seen as a threat to all.

That’s why there…

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