One Step at a Time

Hughs Wordquilts

( Author’s Note:  This is Chapter 21 in my Dairyman’s Daughter manuscript drafts.  My last posting several weeks ago was titled, “A Bold Undertakomg,” and described Mary and her husband Hubert building a residential school for developmentally disabled adults called Community of Hope, Inc. (COHOPE).  This chapter moves the story  forward as COHOPE goes into daily operation.)


Bible study at COHOPE

(Remembering Mary Ellen Townsend Harris, 1911-2016)

The only way to take on a bold venture is to handle it one step at a time.  Each day became part of a learning curve for Mary and Hugh as they launched COHOPE into daily operation. Encountering constant challenges tested their resolve, and opened them to new talents they hadn’t realized they possessed.

Once they had things going, the challenge was to make the facility visible.  They reached out to the community by extending invitations for groups to visit, get to know…

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