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Remembering Mary Ellen Townsend Harris, 1911-2016

Mary’s mother, Merle Townsend, always kept a beautiful garden.  Her love of plants and flowers gave her daughter opportunities to develop her own interest in gardening.  She knew that when a plant was transferred from one location to another, it required time and nurture to become re-rooted in its new environment.

While cleaning, sorting and rearranging things in her new home, Mary’s thoughts went back to her mother’s gardening.  Suddenly she stopped as a thought crossed her mind.  You know, what I’m doing here is like transferring plants in a garden.  We are transplants, and we need to be nurtured in this new soil.

Looking out in the front yard she saw Paul in his chair and Hughie removing weeds and rocks, then raking the area to prepare for seeding grass.  Paul was soaking up the fresh air, smiling from ear-to-ear.  He…

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