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(Remembering Mary Ellen Townsend Harris, 1911-2016)

After Mary’s grandpa died in 1934, her grandma divided up the farm between the three sons.  Her daddy received an eighteen acre plat that included the old house where Mary had grown up.  Within two years of Hughie’s birth, Elmer and Merle built themselves a new house next to the old one.   It had a panoramic view of the countryside and plenty of room for gardening.  When they moved there, Elmer turned the Price Hill house into two apartments.

Mary decided she would like to live back in the Price Hill house where she had spent her teenage years.  She excitedly told her friend, Mary Grace Schuman, “You wouldn’t believe the upstairs!  That’s the apartment we’re going to take.  You remember the two front rooms were bedrooms…well, now they’re a living room and dining room.”

“So where are the bedrooms?  I can’t wait…

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