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They were everywhere!  Yellow taxis weaving through traffic, horns honking, collisions seemingly inches away–yet avoided.  Quite a change from Dinkel Island where the only yellow car in town is an aging VW Beetle driven by an old guy with a sign on the door that says Pest Annihilator.

This was in New York City last Friday afternoon.  My wife Sharon, and I had just arrived at Penn Station.  We’d been directed to an escalator that thrust us outside amidst crowds at a taxi stand.  Soon one of those cabs delivered us safely to our hotel at Ground Zero.  We were in New York for Tate Publishing’s Premier Authors’ Conference and Book Tour.

Tall buildings, streets filled with cars, trucks, and pedestrians all scrambling to maneuver made me think of the contrast to my fictional town of Dinkel Island that is the setting for my novels.  I wonder how people keep from losing themselves in…

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