Hughs Wordquilts

Boatyard (2005)

Spring arrived early at Dinkel Island this week.  Everybody in town seemed energized.  Boaters began bringing in their craft for overhauls and painting at the boatyard behind Pappy’s Place.  Junior Hawkins hired extra help to handle the load.

At the drugstore, the Old Geezers sounded a note of caution.

“I’m the first one to welcome a little warm up and fair weather,” said Jimmy Charles.  “Perks things up around the golf course.”

“Well, I’m too busy to play golf all of a sudden,” remarked Doc Patcher.  “Even with that new emergency care place out at the Crabber’s Creek Shoppes, we’ve been swamped with allergies, runny noses, sneezes and more.”

“Well, well,” said Ed Heygood as he walked in on the gathering.  “I thought you guys would be too busy washin’ windows and cleanin’ your yards to hang out around here in such beautiful weather.”

“Wouldn’t miss this charming companionship for…

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