Boatyard (2005)

Spring arrived early at Dinkel Island this week.  Everybody in town seemed energized.  Boaters began bringing in their craft for overhauls and painting at the boatyard behind Pappy’s Place.  Junior Hawkins hired extra help to handle the load.

At the drugstore, the Old Geezers sounded a note of caution.

“I’m the first one to welcome a little warm up and fair weather,” said Jimmy Charles.  “Perks things up around the golf course.”

“Well, I’m too busy to play golf all of a sudden,” remarked Doc Patcher.  “Even with that new emergency care place out at the Crabber’s Creek Shoppes, we’ve been swamped with allergies, runny noses, sneezes and more.”

“Well, well,” said Ed Heygood as he walked in on the gathering.  “I thought you guys would be too busy washin’ windows and cleanin’ your yards to hang out around here in such beautiful weather.”

“Wouldn’t miss this charming companionship for anything,” said Darrell Tellerson.  “Besides, we gotta have that cup o’ mornin’ joe, no matter what else is goin’ on.”

So the week started, and the enthusiasm around town grew stronger each day.  Out at the retreat center, Gracie Love moved the gathering place for a church group’s spring planning retreat out onto the deck, overlooking Tranquility Bay.  There seemed to be almost a sonata effect to birds chirping, gulls soaring, and small animals scurrying about.

When the group broke for lunch, Gracie felt so moved by the spring atmosphere that she offered a devotion, which they welcomed.  After reading Psalms 150, Gracie broke out into one of her favorite hymns, Morning Has Broken.  The world seemed to breaking afresh into joyful promise.

“Thanks for your thoughts and song,” said the group leader.  With all the political upheaval, economic turmoil, and stories of shootings and crime flooding us from the news media, it’s good to be reminded that this is God’s world.  He has created it, and wants the best for all his people.  Spring reminds us to step back, stop living in the throes of reactivity.  Let God show us his love, repent and ask forgiveness for our lack of faith, and see what wonders God will unfold.”

When spring breaks forth from winter’s bleakness, it’s a reminder that God is bigger than any situation, decision or dilemma we face.  Like sprucing up boats at Pappy’s Place, we need to spruce up our spiritual lives.  Spring’s promises:  the potential for goodness and grace when God’s love touches us afresh!




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