Pandemic Punctuation!


Diving headlong from the platforms of social media, texting, and email

my thoughts and conversation flail

as punctuation

re-purposed as faces, hearts, and other embellishment

look on.

Shortcuts have declared war on the well-written word.

The romance of nuance and tone is forgotten

as words march away to do battle with the reply and demand for constant interaction.

Paranoia has gripped me on more than one occasion when I dared use a simple period

at the end of a sentence.

Will someone think I’m not happy for them?

Will they think I’m in a bad mood if my prose isn’t peppered with exaggerated punctuation and smiley faces?

Will my love seem less sincere without hearts at the end of my sentence?

Can mere words convey meaning effectively as I multitask, interact and delegate

any skilled use of language

to the stickers and stick figures that march across a paperless landscape?

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