Sprouts of Hope

Hughs Wordquilts


Walking toward my car in a wintry parking lot I glimpsed a touch of green just under the front bumper.  I leaned down for a closer look.  There it was!  A tiny weed refusing to give in to winter’s dismal grip, trying against all odds to gain some sunlight–to hang on for a better day.

An icon of hope!

This was the last thing I expected to see after more than a foot of snow had fallen, mixed at times with freezing rain and sleet, then bitter cold temperatures that had persisted for days.

Yet there it was, this small green plant nestled down in whatever soil had packed itself around a steel pin holding the concrete parking barrier in place.  In spite of harsh wintry conditions, it was reaching for sunlight and growth.

I want to be like that minute plant when I face tough trials, seemingly impossible hurdles, splintering…

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