I Paint with Words!

Hughs Wordquilts


Writing is an art form.  Really!  I found that out when I began seriously pursuing it four years ago.  Now three novels and a nonfiction book (written with my wife) later, I am ready to make this proclamation:  WRITING IS AN ART FORM!

Think about it.  Writing requires talent, interest, commitment, training, and TIME!!!  An idea thrashes around in your brain, all the time, no matter what you’re doing.  You dream about it, wake up with it hammering verbiage at you.  It’s relentless until you express it physically, digitally, so that it comes alive for others.

Take my Dinkel Island Series.  People ask, “Where is this place?”

At one level it’s in my spirit–in my mind–in my daily life.  People ask me if it’s a real place.  Yes!  It’s real within me, and once I share it in print, it can become real to you.’

“Okay, but is it…

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