Giving Thanks!


Today I am thankful for so many blessings.  I have thought back to Thanksgiving four years ago, before Sharon was diagnosed with NPH, before granddaughter Charlotte, or great-grandsons Aiden and Peyton, were born.  The photo above shows Mark and Stacie preparing Thanksgiving Dinner at their house in 2011.  We will soon be with them for today’s feast.


Sharon and I are thankful today for her recovery from NPH.  We give thanks to God for the healing that has enabled her to function fully these days.  She cannot even remember Thanksgiving three years ago when she was sliding into the depths of dementia.  As I write this she is now in the kitchen preparing her corn pudding for our family meal later on.  What a miracle!  Thanks be to God!



We are thankful for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Charlotte was born while Sharon was in the hospital for a procedure seeking to diagnose her NPH condition.  Aiden was born pre-maturely just three months ago and is now a healthy child pictured here with his older brother, Jack, who is three.  What a joyful blessing children bring us.  We put our families in God’s loving care each day in prayer.


We are thankful for my mother’s longevity (she’s 104) and for her recovery from a serious medical condition last summer.  Pictured here is Sharon visiting with her earlier this year.  We saw her last week and talked with her today.  We are thankful for all she has meant, and continues to mean, to so us and to so many people.


We are thankful for the privilege of publishing that Sharon and I have experienced over the last three years. When we gathered for Thanksgiving in 2011, neither of us had published anything formally.  Now I have three novels out, and we have jointly published a book about Sharon’s journey through Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, which caused her to plunge into dementia which has now been relieved by a shunt in her brain.  We are thankful for the opportunities God gives us to share our faith and messages of encouragement and hope through the written word.

Today is Thanksgiving, but every day is a time for giving thanks.  Blessings to all our friends and loved ones.






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