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When I got my first boat I was living in a coastal Virginia community.  I kept the boat in a rented slip on a small bay that ran behind the town.  I used it primarily for fishing, and had to learn the “rules of the road” for safe boating.  One of those had to do with controlling my boat’s wake.  Every harbor has its “no wake” zone.  Even a small runabout like I had can churn up a wake that can capsize other boats.

It occurs to me that we all leave a “wake” in our daily interactions with others.  By the way we interact we may leave positive or negative feelings behind us.  A large boat disregarding its wake when passing a smaller boat where people are fishing can interfere with their catch–or worse, capsize them.  At the very least, it will cause feelings of anger or resentment.  Respect for others…

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