A Symphony of Color

Back in the eighties, Stan Grayson and Lillie Plume were planning their wedding and a new life together at Dinkel Island.  Both being artists, whey wanted a building suitable for studio space, a gallery and living quarters.  Barb Reilly at Beach Realty found them just the right property.  One particular feature stood out for Lillie.  It had nothing to do with the building, quality of construction, appropriateness of layout.  It was the presence of a large maple tree in the yard that created a homey touch.

They bought the place in the spring, and by fall Lillie basked in the beauty of their backyard maple.  Each year the progression of colorful change would be a little different, depending on weather conditions.  What was constant was the symphonic melody of vibrant greens, yellows and reds the tree broadcast each October.

The tree still stands.  One day recently Stan took his lunch outside the studio and soaked up its colorful presence. He thought how it was a symbol of the incredible diversity God had put into creation.  Sometimes that diversity produces painful experiences, imponderable circumstances and events.  Sometimes it produces challenges that test us and make us stretch toward new levels of being.  Sometimes it produces deep discoveries, rewards and satisfactions.

As light and shadow played among the leaves and branches, Stan sensed a melodious solfege of moods.  In the tree’s aura time seemed to pause.  A continuum emerged within him so that what was past, what is current, and what is yet to be became joined in a unity with his Creator’s purpose. Stressful notes hammered in the background, setting the pulsebeat, while hope, joy, beauty, promise and peace wove their way into an uplifting treble cleft of anticipation.  God is good, he thought, and his goodness always prevails–like the transcendent symphony of color in this maple tree.

Maybe we all need to pause and let autumn trees share with us a symphony of color that transcends whatever wears us down in daily life.  It’s a thought!


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