Tidal Surge

Hughs Wordquilts

Dinkel Island boaters began bringing their crafts farther up into Crabber’s Creek as an early October Nor’easter approached.  Junior Hawkins had a sheltered area behind Pappy’s Place, but it was small.  A few watermen got in there as soon as the storm warnings were posted.  Everybody else left their slips on Tranquility Bay, made their way around the island, under the drawbridge and up into the small tributaries that lined the creek.

Water was rising quickly.  High tides that were already higher than usual, began to look like they could wash over the piers and into the yards of homes in Crabber’s Creek Estates.  Rain squalls moved through in bands, with heavy wind gusts.  Ed was helping Stan get his Grady White tucked in behind Bob Drew’s place.  “You sure this is gonna be a safe enough place?” asked Ed.  “If the water’s already this high, won’t a tidal surge…

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