Hughs Wordquilts


Ed Heygood headed out for his morning walk in Dinkel Island’s Crabber’s Creek Estates.  It was a humid morning with little air stirring at ground level.  Not so above him.  Strong air currents caused clouds of various hues and densities to form a floating screen, sometimes hiding the sun, sometimes releasing its brilliance.  The drama seemed to portray an allegory for life.

A word came into Ed’s mind:  “Sunscreen!”  As he walked he turned the word over–viewing it upside down, sideways, from the top down, from the ground up.  It became for him an alliteration for the way we live our lives. The “sun” is truth, reality, shame, joy, guilt, sorrow–a myriad of labels for what goes on within us, around us, between us and others. When the “sun” gets too bright or too hot, we screen out things we’d rather not see, hear, touch, taste or contemplate: that’s SPS 50!  Sometimes we…

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