Just One Red Leaf!

I love summer!  When spring first breaks I bask in its emerging greenery.  April, May and June are my favorite months.  Each year they seem to get shorter.  Almost without warning, the greenery that has overtaken the landscape, takes on deeper hues.  I try to hang onto July and August longer than they can possibly last.  Whoosh!  Touches of yellow ochre begin to mutate from the richness of summer’s phthalo green.  Soon yellows and reds will bathe the landscape afresh.  Fall will burst with energy.  Then it, too, will all-too-soon-fade.

Such thoughts well up within my spirit as I gaze out upon the woods behind our house.  Fading bushes along the perimeter join with fading green outcroppings among the trees.  They sculpt imaginative contrasts in the leafy panorama.  Then it catches my eye.  One red leaf!  Just one–with others transitioning around it.  It’s too soon!  Still August–well, one more day, anyway.  But it is the start.  Autumn waits in the wings to take center stage.

It’s not that I dislike autumn.  The colors are thrilling.  The change in air brings brief moments of exhilarating relief from summer’s heat.  I will enjoy the season, and when it ends with holiday splendor’s letdown, I’ll start counting the days until tiny sprinkles of green will again break forth.  Spring will will bring regenerating energy.

One red leaf tells me all is well with the universe and the cycle of seasons prevails.  Just one red leaf reminds me of the larger picture.  I glance in the mirror.  Thinning white hair and sagging facial features remind me that my life’s seasons are passing, too.  I want to make the best of each one, just as I’ve tried to make the best of each summer day.  I want to fill my seasons with love, joy, hope, perseverance, worthwhile tasks and valued relationships–AND FAITH!  Faith in God’s creation of me as a unique person, loved by him, and cast into the midst of life to make a difference here and there.  One red leaf reminds me that no matter what happens, God is in the midst of it.  I can trust God to sustain me through the seasons.


One thought on “Just One Red Leaf!

  1. Reblogged this on cuppajoeandthou and commented:
    What a joy to discover this about my Dad. As a middle-aged adult child I have become aware that there is still much to know of my parents. How wonderful! 🙂
    I am an Autumn/Winter person. The crispness of the air is almost in contrast to the deep warm hues. There is nostalgia in the air that refreshes my roots. A new school year represents a clean page on which to express my ponderings.

    Which seasons resonate within you, dear reader?


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