Reflections from Settled Street

I walked today on a street called “Settled.”  The early sun cast long shadows across the road.  Houses were tidy with manicured lawns and decorative flags.  Birds tweeted busily among the bushes and trees.  A light breeze brushed my cheek.  It felt good to be on Settled Street today.

IMG_2492Sometimes I walk on other streets–like a street called “Anxious.”  That street has many alleys where you can get lost:  alleys like worry, hurry, fear, frustration, fatigue.  I try to avoid Anxious Street as often as possible, but sometimes find myself there anyway.  I wonder if I’ll wander onto it today?

Another street is called “Hurtle.”  That street can be downright dangerous.  It’s pace is frantic.  People and objects zoom around, sometimes colliding.  There’s no room for distracted thoughts or activities if you want to safely traverse this street.  Hit the gas–oops, stand on the brake, swerve, beat the light, push the turn signal, avoid stacking lanes.  Get there first, never relax, push the envelope.  “Gotcha!  Catch me if you can!”  That’s how things are on Hurtle Street.

Sometimes I find myself on “Cautious” Street.  Stop the world, I want to get off.  Beware of what’s over the next hill, around that curve ahead.  Don’t take chances.  Heed the warnings.  Read the labels.  Cautious Street is well-paved, no apparent pot holes to impede progress.  This street is sometimes a necessary detour to keep life in balance.  I just don’t want to stay on it so long that I grow roots in my parking space.

Then there’s a street called “Faith.”  I like this street.  I want it to be my main route.  Faith Street roots me in my Creator, teaches me to value and respect myself and others, keeps me focused, an empowered.  I find my spiritual fuel stations on Faith Street.  It’s the street where love, hope, grace, peace, kindness, generosity, justice, certainty and goodwill reside.  Faith Street will take me safely through many dangerous intersections.  God is my companion and guide on Faith Street.

What streets will you travel on today?

3 thoughts on “Reflections from Settled Street

  1. Reblogged this on cuppajoeandthou and commented:
    This is from my dad’s new blog, Dinkel Island Small Talk. During the past couple of years three books in the Dinkel Island series, most recently Secrets At Lighthouse Point, have been published!

    I’ve told Dad what a great community Word Press is:) I hope you’ll take a moment to visit his blog, offer him support, tips, and encouragement.
    He is boldly going where few his age attempt to tread and I admire his courageous outlook. My Dad is one of my role models and has so much yet to offer! So enjoy the insights on this fascinating little island named Dinkel;)


  2. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for venturing into the “World of Blog,” as I like to call it! It’s often a strange and mysterious world, but a good one for those who care to make it good … kind of like the “real” world. (Chuckle) This was just what I needed to read this morning with my cup of coffee (or joe, LOL) I’m going to share this with my family and friends! Please continue and blessings to you!


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